Complete Guide to Working with Copywriters

If you own a website and you need content writing services, you can hire a content writer or insurance copywriters to write for you. However, to ensure you get well researched and quality content, you need to hire a content writer who is experienced in the particular niche that your website is based on. Also, using amazing websites can do wonders to help you in this case. To find a great writer who can write based on your niche can be a stressful task but let us look at some pointers on how to make the whole process much easier.

Find your source

The first thing to do is to identify a source where you will get freelance writers. There are numerous freelance websites and content writing agencies; however, you need to identify websites that have quality writers. Some of the reputable sources include Upwork, Contentmart, Freelancer, Guru, and iWriter. These platforms will help to link you with quality writers based on the quality you desire and you will post your project so as to get freelance content writers.

Make your requirements clear

You need to write down the requirements that you want for the content you want to be written. This includes the quality of the work you need, the topic and the word count. You can include sub-topics as well. Make sure your topics are as clear as possible and as specific so as to narrow down to exactly what you need. This will help the writers to know exactly what to write. Your requirements should also include the quality of writer you want so as to help filter out those who are not up to standards.

Get an experienced and quality writer

Niche websites need quality content and this makes it necessary to get a writer who cannot only write well but is also experienced in writing for a niche website. This helps to ensure that you get quality content. However, even with such writers, it may be necessary to ask for a sample just to be sure that they are able to write according to your desired requirements. Some sites will not give you the option to interact directly with the writer so ensure that you select to have top rated writers to write for you. This way, only writers who have achieved a certain rank will have access to your project.

Quality check of the work done

Once you have a writer and they have delivered the work, always go through what they have written to ensure it is up to standards and if there are any revisions to be made, send them back to the writer. Some sites such as iWriter do not enable you to contact the writer directly. Hence, if you do not like the quality of the work, you simply reject it and ask for it to be re-written. Only when you are satisfied with the written work should you proceed to accept it and pay the freelancer.


With these tips, working with copywriters becomes an easy task. Additionally, if you know great sources of information, always share them with the writer to ensure you get quality content. Remember, if you get a great writer, you can always retain them for future work.

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