Daily Maintain PDC Machines

Daily maintenance of all PDC Machine products is very easy. For routine checks, after a work shift, the operator simply walks around on the deck without having to go down to the ground to check the engine, compressor, fluid and so on, except when checking undercarriage. Another interesting point is the high level of deck stability when the mast rises (so that the operator) from the seat can see clearly the position of the drill. So, the operator does not have to go down to the ground to see the drill bit. Commenting on the development of these drilling machines under the PDC Machine brand, this is a strategic part of the mining industry’s value chain-from mine clearing, drilling, trenching and so on. Drilling activities in the coal and mineral mining business are key activities. Excavators have not been able to do anything before their food is provided by the drill. Blasting can not be done if there is no drilling. Under the PDC hydrogen fuel cell compressor, these drilling machines are manufactured according to company standards such as electrical, engine, cabin, parts (spares), as well as their philosophy, operator-friendly engines, and mechanics.

As per company standards, these drilling machines are also easy to maintain (daily maintenance). The operator or mechanic does not have to descend to the ground and go around 3600 but stays on top (the machine). This is possible because of the position of the engine, the hose and the cables are made so that it is easily accessible from above. With operator-friendly design concept, the productivity of this machine is getting bigger and more efficient. Value chain applied by PDC Machine is very helpful to customers who have many units and have their own warehouse. If the type and brand of equipment they have varied, then the cost is greater because they must provide many spare parts according to the number of units they have. Conversely, if the customers follow the chain value chain offered by PDC Machine, they do not need to have a lot of stock parts because the PDC machines have communality parts. They can fix one component for multiple units.